Sabtu, 18 Februari 2012

Gunung Sinai #part 1

1. i woke up in the morning today and there were lots of things that i need to settle. mama called me and asked hows the day, hows everything and she asked me to jolt down all the details about her profile if needing them. after mamas phoning me, i went to the kitchen, got ready for lunch and prepared myself to go out., 11pm, i need to be in MARA's apartment(a kind of one). i signed for hiking in GUNUNG SINAI. and its a lot of joooooob to be done. trust me, from three bags, i managed to crumple my things into one BAG! from one bag, i managed to pun a loaaaf of bread. and yeah. im going out after this just to buy anything for last minute preparations. and my check list is almost done (yippy)

please, if u plan to travel, pack light~
dont bring soooo many bags
(i managed to bring one bag only>.<"!!!)

medicine must come first!
if u know u suffered from bronchitis, 
please take the pills together.
(eat an apple a day, keeps the doctor away)

3.i browsed the internet, found something interesting. 

(lets the picture do the talking)

4. done blogging, i'm off packing!

Isnin, 31 Oktober 2011

Debbas Street,Camp Caesar,Alexandria,Egypt

1. this is where i live in Egypt. i studied medicine and start a new chapter as a medic student. medicine is not easy and its never be a fatal to those who were planning to take this.

2. a strong person is a person who can light up a candle when its windy*perumpamaan shj*.(gee, how huh?!) meaning, if you go out and something hitting you and burden you the whole time, or perhaps, you got stuck with problems,but you still manage to handle them carefully. matured.

3.hows egypt? i found this question keep on repeating to be answered but trust me, there is no specific answer for this. if you wanted to know hows egypt, hows the culture and the people, come come every one(taa'alu). welcome to alexandria.

4.stay up.damn it.again?=.=""   i went to boarding school since form one until form five. strive excellently in spm and went to med school in egypt. (sumpah baget poyo tolong la wahai saudara-huhu) believe me, if u wanna get something, then try to try hard. if you did, then try harder. because everything is in your hand. i choose to stay up because i slept in class. LOL. again.damn it.

5.antibodies. its a subject which i was stdying just now.... just before i go wandering myself and on9. (pergi stdy la budak!) okayh, just give me a few more minutes then im off to bed.hehehe. well, what can i say about antibodies. they are a group of immunoglobulins and react specifically due to the antigen's responds. easy? no its not. im hungry. and its already half pass midnight. grrr..

6.i will be having my exam in two more weeks.(YIPPPPYY!!!*faking expression) oh boy you have no idea, how i feel. its like i could feel a lump in my throat. there are more to stdy but  im still facebooking.shoooooot! off to bed.bye peeps.toddlers~